5 water features that will make your simple pool look fancy

Admin, 05/02/2019

Have you ever gone to a public pool, hotel or a fancy restaurant and wondered ‘I wish I had this in my pool.’? Well, if your answer is yes, then Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa has a good variety of water features to make your pool look like it’s in a luxury hotel.

  1. Zodiac’s New Laminar Jet Water Features: Give that extra touch of excitement to your pool with Zodiac’s New Laminar Jet Water Features. Watch as it shoots arcs of water across the pool. Not just a stunning feature by day, with its LED lights, Zodiac’s New Laminar Jet Water Feature will give your pool the wow factor at night too.
  1. Sheer Descent Pool Water Features:The sound of running water can be so relaxing, so why not opt for a sheer descent pool water feature? You can add this feature to your landscape garden or swimming pool to give it that tropical feel.

  1. Powerstream Pool Water Features: Love the look and sound of a waterfall? You can install this sensuous beauty in your own pool. Visit Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa at Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sanctuary Cove. Add to the effect by adding some spotlights around or behind the waterfall.


  1. Custom Pool Water Features: Looking for custom water features? Zodiac's custom waterfalls can be built to any size or design, with features adapted from the Sheer Descent Water Feature, Powerstream Water Feature and Rainfall Water Feature.


  1. Zodiac Deck Jets: This will create magnificent jets of water from your deck to the pool. The most exciting part about these jets is that they can be adjusted to 360 degrees and their effects can be changed at any time.

Transform your swimming pool into something exciting with water features from Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sanctuary Cove.