A ladies spa night

Admin, 15/01/2019


Fancy a change from the usual? Sick of going to the cinema? Bored of your local restaurants? Need a change of tune from your usual bar? Why not gather the girls together for a spa night? 

The hot tub can be the hot new venue for a Friday night with the girls :

  1. You can’t have a spa night without the perfect hot tub. We have a wide range of hot tubs at Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa for you to choose from, and we have a wide range of supplies to ensure your spa is always clean and tidy.
  2. Get the water ready. Set the temperature to between 37 – 38 degrees for a relaxing spa. 
  3. Add some aromatherapy oil of your choice for some essence. Aromatherapy can improve your mood, reduce anxiety, boost energy levels, reduce pain, and has many other health and mental benefits,
  4. Set the tone with some music. Whether you want some relaxation music, or you want something more high-tempo, get your playlist ready. .
  5. Enjoy a glass of wine whilst you enjoy catching up on the gossip with all your friends.
  6. Don’t forget to take a selfie and share it on Instagram!

Spa nights with the girls

Get your hot tub from Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sanctuary Cove.