Magna Pool



What is magnapool?

MagnaPool is perfect for anyone who can’t stand the feel of salt but wants their pool to be automated and hassle free. Magnapool is also perfect for anyone who just wants the best quality water possible for themselves and their family. Like a saltwater chlorinator, the patented MagnaPool Hydroxinator produces chlorine to keep your pool sanitised and algae free.


What’s special about it?

They key difference between a regular saltwater pool and MagnaPool is the use of a specific blend of minerals containing Potassium and Magnesium. The Potassium undergoes Hydroxination as it passes through the Hydroxinator giving off Potassium based chlorine replacing the sodium chloride produced in a saltwater pool. Potassium based chlorines have been shown to be more effective against chloramines than sodium based chlorines, leaving your water healthier than ever. The Magnesium reacts with water to give milk of magnesia, commonly used in therapeutic spa treatments. With scientifically tested amounts of Magnesium, the milk of magnesia produced naturally flocculates the water while minimising water turbidity to provide crystal clear water all year round. Best of all, unlike ozone and other non salt sanitisation systems, at heart MagnaPool uses chlorine. This means your water can stand up to the heat and humidity of South-East Queensland, giving you hassle free swimming all though Summer.


Why buy it?

Aside from water clarity, the way MagnaPool water feels on the skin is unmatched.  Unlike traditional saltwater pools, MagnaPool water is soft, silky and doesn’t make you want to run for a shower the moment you get out. The Magnesium itself also has many health benefits, which are amplified as the Magnesium is absorbed transdermally. It is a natural detoxification agent for the body, it reduces stress levels and aids in a better night’s sleep to name a few. As an added benefit, MagnaPool is known to help people with eczema. Many people, kids especially, who have eczema find saltwater unbearable to their skin. For families who’s kids have eczema, MagnaPool has been the perfect alternative to allow their kids to enjoy an Australian Summer cooling in the pool. For the best combinations of water clarity, water feel, your own health and ease of use, there is no better product for you pool than a MagnaPool system.

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