Alpine Spa Range

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Captain Nemo’s Alpline range are available from our Gold Coast and Brisbane locations and they cater to a wide range of requirements. 

Alpine Spas combine powerful massage, ergonomic design and high-quality features. Every spa has been designed with the best massage experience in mind. Reliable components, versatile yet targeted massage jets, innovative water purification system and latest electronic control systems deliver a great massage experience.

  • More for your Money 
  • Quality of Massage
  • Low Running Costs
  • Dependaility 
  • Durabbilty
  • First Class Service

Bermuda Spa

This innovative spa is the answer to a growing demand for versatile spas integrating a wide range of massage types into one single product. Bermuda accommodates up to six persons on individually shaped seats. The integrated lounge seat and two precision massage seats, one of which features Alpine’s latest neck massage system, massage different muscle groups. With highly efficient heating system and an array of precise massage jets this spa is the perfect place for relieving muscular tension or simply having a great time with friends.

Solomon Spa

Solomon Spa Alpine spas are undeniably a place of social interaction, a place to enjoy a great time with your friends or family. Solomon is always ready for you to hop in and have a great time. With this in mind we created a more open seat layout with additional lateral space and flexibility. This spa accommodates up to six people on individually laid out seats, including one neck-massage and one massage lounge seat

Samui Spa

Samui Spa Soothing massage, exceptional hydro massages performance and high-quality components are not solely the trademark of top of the range spas. Samui packs the performance of Alpine’s flagship models into our most compact spa yet. A generous massage lounge seat and two single seats turn the Samui into the ideal spa for up to three people. Its two main seats are angled towards each other, making it the perfect place for a talk with your loved one or best mate.

Daintree Spa

Daintree Spa The Daintree is one of our top of our range spas. Generous space for up to seven persons, innovative full body massage jet layout. This spa is the result of successfully integrating our customers‘ feedback into product design. If you are looking for a state-of-the-art spa providing you with highest comfort, ease to use and space for up to 7 people you probably do not need to look any further than Daintree.

Bora Spa

Bora Spa Soothing massage, exceptional hydro massages performance and high-quality components are not solely the trademark of top of the range spas. Bora packs the performance of Alpine’s flagship models into a smaller package. A generous massage lounge seat and two vis-avis single seats make this the spa of choice for up to three people.

Hayman Spa

Hayman Spa Hayman is the result of careful engineering and a smart layout, integrating two hydro massage lounge seats and three single seats into a two-meter spa. This spa provides five different massage jets configurations, a different one for every seat; one if which with neck-massage seat. It is the ideal combination of compact size and readiness to accommodate your friends or family.

Superior Spa

The name of our latest addition to our spa range says it all. The Superior ticks all the right boxes in the high end of our luxury hydrotherapy spa range. This superb spa stands out against all others with its superior layout and elegant design. Not only does it draw you in with its 6 spacious personalized massage seats that feature 64 of the best multi rotational massage jets, but the sharp and sleek acrylic and modern cabinets confirm the strong ambience this spa brings to any entertainment area providing the very best relaxation lifestyle.