Amazing Benefits of a Swim Spa

Admin, 15/05/2017

The Gold Coast, Brisbane and all of South-East Queensland presents perfect swimming weather most of the year. Many homes have swimming pools, but how many people have considered having a swim spa installed?

There are many physical and health benefits attached to regularly using a swim spa and we’ll run through a few of the main ones here.

Amazing Benefits of a Swim Spa | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo's Pool & Spa Supplies

Swim Spa Briefly Explained

Swim spas are designed to replicate the swimming experience of a lap pool, with endless swimming capabilities, utilizing high flow jets to propel water in one direction.  This incredible flow creates almost an artificial current which enables users to swim “upstream” against the flow of water while remaining stationary in the spa structure. Swim spas also double as a hydrotherapy experience for those just looking to rejuvenate and relax, catering for everyone’s needs whether is be an early morning swim or an afternoon massage.

Swim Spas Are Great Exercise

The great thing about swim spas is that you can adjust the flow of the current to suit your requirements. This is an important feature of the swim spa because it caters to the users needs, whether it is a serious swimmer looking for a workout or a leisurely swim using the low current.   Swimming has always been considered an excellent form of exercise, as it works on cardio-vascular fitness and tones muscles, while at the same time being very low impact and kind to the joints.


The high quality spa jets are specifically designed to handle the high flow rates needed to make a spa therapeutic. This hydrotherapy experience utilizes a combination of air bubbles and high water flow emitted from stationary or rotational jets, creating a massage experience like no other. This type of aquatic massage therapy has many benefits such as muscle relaxation and mental stimulation to calm the mind and reduce stress. The water jets work in unison with the water temperature to increase blood flow, promote muscle and injury repair, and even reduce inflammation.

Depending on the layout of your swim spa model, it comes equipped with seating at one end of the main swim section, or it may be optioned out as a dual zone swim spa which effectively splits the swim spa into separate swim and spa sections equipped with hydrotherapy seats and lounges. The latter option truly gives the user the most luxurious swim spa experience with a more powerful spa using multiple heat and water flow controllers.

Other Health Benefits

A swim spa is not designed as a miracle cure, but there are many health benefits associated with using a swim spa regularly. Hydrotherapy swim spas have become a very popular aid in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention, and it has grown to be utilized in many industries. Some of the other health benefits include:

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Helps relieve back pain
  • Headache relief
  • Arthritis relief
  • Improved cardiovascular health

And because you are exercising in your swim spa, not only will you enjoy improved muscle tone, but you will be burning calories and trimming off body fat in the process.

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