Captain Nemo’s Pool Maintenance Tips

Admin, 05/04/2018

A pool can be the center of attraction of the exterior of any modern house. When placed correctly, it can be the centerpiece of your yard. But at the same time, if your pool isn’t well maintained it can look very dirty, ugly and unappealing. So, even if it is a bit of extra work, keeping your pool well maintained and clean is in your best interest. Here’s a few tips from Captain Nemo on how to keep your pool looking pristine.

Captain Nemo’s Pool Maintenance Tips | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo'S Pool & Spa Supplies


This is the first step in keeping your pool clean. Skimming the pool will get rid of leaves, insects or other larger pieces of debris that might be floating around in your swimming pool. Skimming is important because it makes your pool surface look clean. Additionally, it is easier to get rid of these larger pieces of debris before they sink to the bottom.

Brush and vacuum

This is a secondary cleaning process. Vacuuming and brushing the bottom and sides of your pool will get rid of the dirt and grime that line the floors and walls of the pool between the tiles. Make sure you brush the dirt towards the main drain to get rid of them for good.

Check filter and water circulation

Check your pool’s circulation system regularly. Make sure you keep the drains, pumps, strainers and other parts of your pools circulation and filtration system are well kept and maintained. If there is something wrong with these parts, consult a pool cleaning company immediately.


Test your pool water regularly depending on how often you use it. Add chemicals if necessary according to the rules specified by the manufacturers or as directed by your pool cleaner. Regular shock treatments cleanse the water from algae, dirt, bacteria and other general nasties. Make sure you are following the directions when using shock treatments.

Now that you know a bit more about the ins and outs of maintaining your pool, perhaps it is time to stock up on the cleaning supplies you will inevitably need to maintain your pool. Don’t hesitate and give Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa supplies a call for the biggest collection of pool accessories, pool cleaners, pool supplies, pool chemicals on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. And, if you don’t feel like cleaning your pool, you can always call Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa Supplies for a professional pool cleaning session!