Diamond Spas- Captain Nemo’s very own

Admin, 15/03/2018

How long have you craved that long relaxing break from all the stress from and home? If the answer is, “pretty long”, then imagine how awesome it would be to chill out in your deck inside your very own spa! It does not have to a figment of your imagination any longer though. And that is because, Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa Supplies has just what you are looking for. Diamond Spas are Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa Supplies’ very own spa brand and there are many different lines available. While the variety and options are a great plus point, there are many other reasons behind why you should purchase a Diamond Spa from Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa Supplies. Have a look!

Diamond Spas- Captain Nemo’s very own | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo'S Pool & Spa Supplies


Affordability is a big plus for Diamond Spas. They are very good value for your cash. Diamond Spas really outdo the competition in this regard. It would be quite difficult find a better quality spa at a better or more competitive price.


Diamond Spas are really sturdy and long lasting. The workmanship is exquisite and you would be stretched to find spas that are made with better materials and with greater skill. This means that your home spa will truly be a onetime purchase and hassle if you buy a Diamond Spa from Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa Supplies.

After Sales Service

Many businesses forget you the moment after you have finished making your purchase. We at Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa Supplies believe in our relationships with our customers. It is our policy and promise to provide the after sales service we possibly can. So don’t hesitate to give us a ring if there is wrong with a product we sold you.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us or get to our stores at Brisbane and the Gold Coast immediately to get your very own Diamond Spa! Good news is, we’ve got everything else you might need to accompany your new Diamond spa. We have top quality spa chemicals and spa supplies as well. Apart from that we sell pool accessories, pool chemicals and much more!