Different types of pool cleaners- Explained

Admin, 15/12/2017

With summer fast approaching, you are probably really thankful for your backyard pool. Or perhaps, this will finally be the summer that you invest in one. Whatever the case, you probably remind yourself about all the hassles that come with owning a pool, prime of which is cleaning. Well, if you don’t want a green slimy mosquito wonderland in your back yard, you’re gonna have to clean the pool. But fret not! Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa Supplies has come up with a list of the different types of pool cleaners that make your life easy. Enjoy!

Different types of pool cleaners- Explained | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo'S Pool & Spa Supplies

Telescoping Pole

This is the ol’ manual style pool cleaning system. The telescoping pole is set at the end of brushes, handheld vacuums or skimmers to reach the deeper ends of the pool. As mentioned before, the cleaning process is manual scrubbing which gets of the algae and grime. While this method is time consuming and labor intense, it is also cheap and a great upper body work out. If you are looking for a good pool cleaning technique AND a fit summer body, telescoping poles are for you!

Suction Pool Cleaners

As the name suggests, these types of cleaners work using the principle of suction. They’re usually installed on the sides and they connect to the main filtration system. They suck out the debris and grime and guide them towards the drain. Running this type of cleaner maybe hefty because they use electricity and your bills may increase. If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to have a pristine, clean pool, then suction pool cleaners are for you!

Pressure Pool Cleaners

These are almost independent identities because they come with their own filtration bag and uses the pump’s power to operate. This type of pool cleaner doesn’t pressurize the pools circulation or filtrations systems at all.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

These are considered to be the most energy efficient types of pool cleaners. They have their own power source and are also independent of the pool’s circulation system. Robotic pool cleaners usually have a built in filter and motor, which allows them to clean up small particles form any pool surface. These pool cleaners are particularly good for above ground pools with a skimmer basket.

In-Floor Cleaning Systems

This type of pool cleaners are generally a good idea for people who are considering getting a new pool because it is easier to install before the pool has been built. This type of pool cleaner uses water currents to “wash” grime and dirt off the floor and the walls of the pool.

No matter which type of pool cleaner you may need, Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa supplies can deliver; and at an excellent price too! So, why wait? Pick up that phone and give us a call or visit us in store today!