Enjoy Your Pool All Year Round

Admin, 05/06/2017

Enjoy Your Pool All Year Round | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo'S Pool & Spa Supplies

Nothing beats coming home from work in the warmer months of the year and having your very own backyard pool to dive into. It’s cool and refreshing and immediately takes away the tensions and cares of the day. In South-East Queensland the weather can be warm for the majority of the year, but it can get cold for those few months during winter which can see most pools go unused.

If you like the idea of a quick dip into icy water for a wake up call, all well and good, but if you’re like most of us, we simply skip swimming in our pools – or even contemplating the thought – until winter is well and truly gone.

Swimming pools are a common feature in this part of the world due to our warm climate, but it seems a shame to let that beautiful pool go unused for months each year just because winter has arrived. The swimming pool still needs to be maintained during winter, so it might as well be enjoyed as well.

Enjoy Your Pool All Year Round With A Pool Heater!

Having a pool heater attached to your swimming pool system is one of the best pieces of pool equipment you could invest in. Knowing that you can now make use of your beautiful swimming pool all year round is a luxury you can afford to have. Swimming pool heaters are far more cost-effective to run than you might think.

Solar heating is great, but with the sun so low in the sky during winter, it can’t heat your pool all year long, but a pool heater can. You have invested good money in your swimming pool so you can enjoy the pleasures it offers. Allow yourself the indulgence of being able to use your pool in winter time as well. The water temperature will always be inviting with a pool heater installed.

Whether it’s the middle of winter, or the weather is simply going through an unseasonably cool spell, you know you can simply turn that pool heater on and get the water temperature up to a level that’s comfortable and to your liking.

Based on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, Captain Nemo’s Pool & Spa Supplies are your local number one pool heater supplier. If you have any questions about pool heaters and want to know what we can offer, simply get in touch today for a friendly chat. We’ll help keep you warm all year round.