Suction pool cleaners 
Q: My pool cleaner stops and starts 
A:Check nothing is stuck in the throat of the pool cleaner. Clean baskets,  backwash or hose your pool filter, check diaphragm for any holes, check hoses for any cracks. 
Q My pool cleaner isn’t going to the end of the pool. 
A Change the direction of the eye balls on your swimming pool. Make sure you have the correct amount of pool hoses, check the position of your hose weight. 
Q: My pool cleaner is continuously climbing the walls. 
A Reduce the amount of suction by adjusting your valve in the skimmer box. 
Salt Chlorinators 
Q: My water is clear but I have no chlorine in my swimming pool. 
A: Check stabiliser level, check cell is clean, check your swimming pool is running the correct hours for the time of year. 
Q:  My swimming pool is green and I have no chlorine reading. 
A: Super chlorinate your swimming pool with chlorine and an algaecide. 
Check your salt chlorinator is working properly. 
Q:The walls and floor of my swimming pool are slimy. 
A: This is most likely to be an algae or bacteria issue. 
Super chlorinate your swimming pool. 
Q: I have a build up of calcium on my cell in pool chlorinator. 
A: Clean your cell with cell cleaner. Check the balance of your swimming pool water eg, PH level and Calcium level. 
Q:What salt level should I run my swimming pool at. 
A: If it is a Zodiac salt chlorinator it recommends it to be between 4000ppm and 6000ppm. If another brand check with the manufacturer.  

 Zodiac Robotic Pool Cleaners

Q: Why buy a Zodiac Robotic Cleaner from Captain Nemos? 
A: Captain Nemos offer Zodiac Robotic Cleaners which come with an in-field warranty. Only Titanium Zodiac dealers, such as us, are able to offer this peace of mind with Zodiac Robot cleaners. Buying one online can mean that you have to send your robotic cleaner back to the point of purchase, which can be costly and leave you without a pool cleaner for weeks at a time. 
At Captain Nemos, it is as simple as coming in pool shop, phoning up or emailing us about any potential warranty issue your cleaner may have. Then a Titanium Zodiac warranty agent will contact you within 48 hours to organise the warranty service at your home. Do not worry if you have lost your receipt either. Every Zodiac Robotic Cleaner is saved into your account, so there is no hassle if you have lost your receipt. But best of all, we offer continuous Aftersales support with shop fronts at convenient locations. 
Why risk all the hassle buying online when you can have peace of mind with Captain Nemos! 
Q: My Robotic Pool Cleaner is not climbing the pool walls? 
A: Any robotic pool cleaner will have struggle to climb the swimming pool walls if the surface is slippery or tacky due to the surface design (polished tiles) or if the water chemistry is not balanced. It is important to ensure correct water balance for your pool cleaner's optimum efficiency. 
Q: What is the Surface Control System (SCS) for the The Zodiac CX20 Robotic Pool Cleaner? 
A: The CX20 pool cleaner comes with a Surface Control System (SCS) which is designed to adjust the cleaner for either rough or smooth wall surfaces. The pump strength of the SCS is indicated by LED lights on the control box. To adjust the SCS settings, increase the SCS digit to match the smoothness of the pool wall surface, with 1 being for a rough surface and 4 being a smooth surface. 
Q: My Zodiac Robotic Pool Cleaner Cable keeps tangling? 
A: There are several tips for ensuring your Zodiac Robotic Pool Cleaner cable does not tangle. Firstly, it is important to measure the length of your pool and to place the same length of the cable in the pool. Also, place the robotic cleaner at the mid-way point of your pool. You can also lay the cable in the sun to set the cable to its original shape. 
Also ensure that your loosely coil the cable onto the pool cleaner caddy as this will reduce and memory the cable may retain. Lastly, never put pool chemicals into the pool while the robotic cleaner is inside the swimming pool. Corrosive chemicals such as chlorine or acid can damage the cable and cause it to tangle. 
Q: My Zodiac Robotic Cleaner does not reach the other end of the pool? 
A: Ensure that the pool cleaner is placed in at a midway point in the swimming pool, so it can reach both ends of the pool. Also ensure that there is enough cleaner cable in the swimming pool so it can reach the entire length of the swimming pool. If both of these solutions do not work, please contact the place of purchase regarding this issue. If you purchased your robotic pool cleaner from Captain Nemos, please contact us and we can organise the Titanium in-field warranty service on your behalf. 
Q: My Zodiac Robotic Cleaner does not pick up fine debris such as dust or sand? 
A: The Zodiac Robotic Pool Cleaners come with a vortex filter canister that is designed for particles 200 micron or larger. Fine debris such as sand and dust are much finer. We recommend purchasing the 100 micron filter canister which should resolve this issue. This can be purchased in-store, over the phone or online. 
Q: How often should I empty my Zodiac Robotic Pool Cleaner?
A: We recommend emptying the filter canister at the end of each cleaning cycle. This is to ensure that debris is removed from the pool and that the canister remains in top notch condition for high performance cleaning.
Q: My Zodiac Robotic Cleaner has an error code? 
A: The Zodiac Robotic Pool Cleaners come preset with a number of self-diagnostic error codes to ensure that any simple issues can be fixed by any pool owner at home. Please refer to your owner manual for more details on what each error codes mean. If you are having any difficulties with an error code, please contact the place of purchase for further assistance.