How often should you change your pool filter media?

Admin, 05/01/2019


Your pool filter media is the material inside your filter tank that traps the dirt. There are three types of filter media: sand, cartridge and grid. After a certain amount of time your filter media must be replaced to ensure clean and clear water in your pool.

            Different filter media has different life spans. The lifespan of a sand filter and grid filter is 7-10 years, and that of a pool cartridge is 2-5 years. To make sure your pool filter lasts longer you must buy a well sized filter and maintain your pool regularly.

Signs that your pool filter media needs to be replaced:

  • Your water clarity is reduced and lacks sparkle.
  • You see dirt or DE water coming back into the pool.
  • You find that your filter clogs when you vacuum your pool floor.
  • You feel that the skimmer suction isn’t as strong as it is supposed to be.
  • It becomes too difficult for you to keep your pool free from algae.
  • You are unable to a maintain a proper chemical balance.
  • The filter requires more backwashing or cleanings than before.
  • You need to run the filter more often to get clear water.

Filter medium inspection:

  1. Sand filter: Once you remove the top dome and gain access to the sand with your hands you will feel sludgy mudballs.  Reach further with your hands and you will feel calcified or hardened sand. If you spot any channelling of the sand, inspect it with a magnifying glass, if the edges are sharp then everything is fine, but if the edges are rounded then it means the filter sand has worn out and needs to be changed.
  2. Cartridge filter: It is difficult to find out defects in a cartridge filter by looking at the filter itself. You will need a new filter if you realise that your pool is not as clear as you want it to be, or when it frequently gets attacked by algae.
  3. DE filter grids: Filter grids can last you 5-15 years depending on how they are maintained. You will need to replace your filter whenthe fabric has wear and tear.

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