How often should you drain your pool?

Admin, 15/12/2018


You might be surprised, especially if you have a new pool that your pool will need to be drained only once every 5 to 7 years. The more the pool is well maintained, the less you will you need to drain it completely.

            You may think that you should drain your pool completely during winter, but this can expose your pool liner to cracks, rips and tears. Draining your pool completely out of water is absolutely unnecessary during winters. Keep the water in the pool and add some winterizing chemicals that you can find at Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa, this will keep your pool and its water safe during the winter months in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sanctuary Cove.

Only drain your pool when absolutely necessary, and when you do so make sure you enlist the help of a professional or you might end up damaging your pool.

Talk to the pool specialists at Captain Nemos, we can help you work out if it is necessary to drain your pool, or if there is any corrective action that can be taken.

            Sun, heat and moisture can damage your pool’s surface and filtration system, hence your pool must be drained in the mild seasons only. This will prevent any sort of unnecessary damage.

You do not need to drain your pool while cleaning, this can be done under water. Remember not to drain your pool after rain or storms, this will only add extra pressure to your pool floor. Draining your pool can damage your pool’s interior surface or crack the pool’s shell. Whenever your pool needs to be completely drained, always hire a professional.

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