How to be sun smart when swimming in your pool

Adam, 28/04/2016

You know the weather is getting warmer when the kids start to nag about swimming in the pool again after the cooler months. However, nothing is more painful than a bad dose of sunburn if you or the kids aren’t sun smart before you jump in!

Sunburn is exactly what is says - a burn to the skin from the sun. I think we all remember as a child having a bad dose of sunburn. So sore to touch, even putting on sunburn creams, wearing clothes or trying to sleep was really painful.

Often bad sunburn comes with sunstroke, where symptoms of headache, high temperature, rapid heartbeat, upset stomach and vomiting can occur. Nobody has time for that!

How to be sun smart when swimming in your pool | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo'S Pool & Spa Supplies

At Captain Nemo’s we encourage all pool users, young or old to be sun smart when swimming in a pool or even soaking in a spa. Here, we share some tips on how to be sun smart:

Apply sunscreen
Apply sunscreen liberally all over the body before getting into the pool and at regular intervals to avoid sunburn

Wear a hat
Wear a hat in the pool that is lightweight and doesn’t absorb a lot of water to protect your head, neck, and lips.

Wear sunglasses
Sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun and the reflection from the pool water.

Wear UV protectant clothing
Rash vest and rash suits are recommended to protect the body from the suns harmful UV rays.

Stay hydrated
Drink plenty of water if you plan to be in the pool for an extended period.

Have some shade
Where possible when not in the pool, rest in a shaded area.

By adopting some sun smart practices, you can ensure you and the kids can have the maximum amount of fun in your pool or spa without becoming sunburnt.

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