How to be sure if your pool pump is doing its job

Admin, 05/12/2018


You don’t have to be a professional to recognise faults (if any) with your pool pump. When you buy your pump, reading and studying the user’s manual will help you to understand the pump in a way that will let you solve some of the minor problems on your own.

With the following guidelines you will know when exactly to call for professional help:

  1. Bearings: The most common problem with pumps are that they are prone to damage by corrosion, shock or vibrations. A faulty pump will emit unusual sounds,this could mean that the bearings need to be either replaced or lubricated.
  2. Stock-up impeller: If you find the washer, nuts and bolts of your impeller getting lose or wearing out, it probably means they need to be replaced.
  3. Short circuit: After heavy rainfall or flooding, if water makes its way inside the windings of a motor, it can cause a short circuit. Short circuits are very dangerous.
  4. Overheated motor: An overworked or overheated motor can cause your pump to burn out. In the event of your pump burning out you will need a replacement.

Your pump should be repaired by a professional if you face the above problems. You might need to replace your pump if:

  • The motor crosses its lifespan
  • Your pump is too old
  • It keeps breaking down even after repair
  • Your pump is not working as expected

Need a new pool pump?

Performing a regular maintenance on your pump will help you notice problems at an early stage. This will help you to save money by repairing your pump instead of completely replacing it. Get a wide range of pumps at Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sanctuary Cove.