How To Maintain Your Pool In The Winter Period

Admin, 14/07/2016

The Gold Coast and Brisbane experience warm weather for most of the year, being located in a subtropical climate, and in summer it can get really hot at times. Some days can experience sweltering heat and humidity, and having a convenient cool and relaxing pool in the backyard is a great way to chill out during days like this.

But the South-East Queensland climate isn’t the only advantage of owning your very own swimming pool. There is a lot more fun to be had and reasons to own a pool than simply cooling down on a hot day. Let’s look at some.

Great For Entertaining

Having friends over for a summer BBQ and drinks is all a part of the Australian lifestyle and love of the great outdoors. With outdoor entertaining so popular, having a swimming pool for everyone to use when they come for dinner is a real bonus. It adds another dimension to the day or evening.

How About A Pool Party!

Pool parties can be great fun, especially in summer. There are many occasions where you could throw a pool party.

  • A child’s birthday
  •  Anyone’s birthday
  •  End of school celebration
  •  Christmas/New year celebrations
  •  Anniversary
  • These are just some occasions, but really the list is long and limited only by imagination.
  • Pools Look Great!

And they do. A beautiful pool and nice looking pool area can become the centrepiece and showpiece of the home. Whether it’s daytime with the water sparkling in the sun, or the pool grounds set to subtle mood lighting at night, pools really do look spectacular.

Peace Of Mind

There is just something about water that is very relaxing. Gazing out over the ocean, sitting beside a lake, chilling out near a waterfall or river. Water has a calming affect on people, and so does a pool. It’s like having your own piece of serenity in your yard. You don’t even have to be swimming in it to be seduced by its calming affects. Just being near the water will achieve this.

Pools Add Value To The Home

In a climate like we experience in South-East Queensland, a swimming pool definitely adds value to your home. It doesn’t matter whether you have any immediate plans to sell or not, it’s always comforting to know your property has increased in value.


Swimming is a great form of low impact exercise where you can work on cardiovascular fitness and endurance without placing stress on your muscles and joints. Pools can also be good physiotherapy for injuries, joint problems, arthritis and muscle fatigue.


You don’t have to travel anywhere to go for a swim. And, unless you have an artificial beach in your pool, there’s no annoying sand getting in your clothing, the car or the house. Come home from work or school, get changed, head out back and dive right in. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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