Kids pool party coming up? How to get your pool ready.

Adam, 28/04/2016

So you dived in and said yes to a pool party for one of the kid’s birthdays. You know that means, there’s going to be lots of squealing, lots of splashes and hopefully lots of fun.

With an influx of little bodies that will now be in your pool, you will need to ensure your pool is in tip top shape to counteract the sunscreen and hopefully not the micro-organisms from a couple of “you know whats” that may end up in the pool!

Kids pool party coming up? How to get your pool ready. | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo'S Pool & Spa Supplies

Captain Nemo’s, with two convenient locations at Brisbane and the Gold Coast recommend here some tips to get your pool ready to party:

Firstly, we suggest you get your pool water tested at one of our pool shops so you can have a pure, sparkling pool. Using our Zodiac Pool Chemicals complete pool care system, in just three easy steps you can ensure your pool is safe for everyone to swim in.

We will test the PH balance of your pool water to determine if it has an acceptable PH range of between 7.2 and 7.6. This keeps the pool water pleasant while preventing eye and skin irritation.

Then, if your pool needs protection from bacteria, algae and other harmful micro-organisms, we can add Chlorine, a common and the most widely used element to purify and eliminate harmful micro-organisms from our drinking water and then add a purifier or stabiliser if necessary.

Pool stabilisers guard the purifiers or protective products from UV rays. UV protection is essential simply because without it, purifiers evaporate from the pool.

If you are finding you are at a loss for time to get your pool ready, Captain Nemo’s also have a mobile pool service, so we can come to you, test your pool water and we carry a range of chemicals to get your pool ready for that upcoming party.

At Captain Nemo’s, our aim is to deliver the highest quality spa and swimming pool supplies and accessories, at affordable prices, and with excellent customer service as a professional team.

Call in to our Gold Coast or Brisbane pool supplies stores today and have your pool water tested, or alternatively call us and we will come to you! Then the kids can enjoy a safe and fun pool party.