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The Maldives spa is the top of the line in party spas. Featuring 7 massive seats in an open arrangement, this spa is perfect for entertaining large groups. With its unique sun lounger, complete with waterfalls, the Maldives spa is also ideal for Gold Coast and Brisbane backyards in our hot summers.



Seating Capacity


Water Capacity(L)


Empty Weight(kg)


Full Weight(kg)




2-tone Stainless Steel Jets


Air Valve




LX Pumps


Ozone With RD Mixing Chamber

3*2.Shp (1of which is 2-speed)

Led Master Light


Led Slice Waterfall +Control Valve


Led Cup Holder

2 (both slice waterfall and signature waterfall)

Rim Led Lights


Davey Controller

1200-3 .5kw


Electrical Amp/Breaker

40 amp

API PS Cabinet

standard coffee & grey

Real Cedar Wood Cabinet


Shell lnsulation(2cm)


2cm Cabinet and Floor lnsulation+Foil Insulation


Drainage ( Magic Plastic )


Filtration(with RD Micro Filter)


Bottom Tray ( PE )


RD Cover(2years Replacement Warranty)


Magic Slice Valve

for pump and controller

Mp3+ Aquatic Av Speaker (or Subwoofer )


Cover Lifter




Safety Rail


Spa Bag


Build a Spa & Enquire

Step 1: Select Shell Colour

Colour Action




Step 2: Select Cabinet Colour

All our pools are engineered to be installed in any situation

All Captain Nemo’s spas are constructed with elegant and durable paneling to protect your investment and add lasting sophistication to our Home. The panels guard the spa equipment form the elements, but are easily removable if maintenance is required. Captain Nemo’s spas also give protection for the underside of your spa with a resilient bottom tray that serves to keep out rain, dirt and pests. Advantages to Captain Nemo’s spas cabinets include:

Style Action

Step 3: Select Spa Seats (optional)

Sitting in a Captain Nemo’s spa is an experience like no other. Each seat is finely crafted to softly cradle your body in key areas. Molded armrests ensure utmost support, while Tactile Therapy Bumps allow you to massage tension from feet, palms and wrists. Most importantly, Captain Nemo’s Spas has devoted special care to placing jets in strategic locations and targeting areas where you most need relief the neck, shoulders and lower back.

Type Description Action
Kool Seat

This will let your body to adjust to new temperatures - getting in or out of the spa – with this elegantly designed transition seat, which is elevated so as you can be half-immersed.


This seat characterises the very finest in relaxation and features spa jets that target the upper and lower body for unrivaled hydrotherapy. The ergonomic design make sure that bathers don’t float out of the seat.

Perfect for private soaks, the lunge seat is a wonderful reward after a long hard day.


When hosting a group is a priority, there is no substitute for Captain Nemo’s spas bench seating. Your visitors are given the greatest range of movement and side-by-side seating makes it simple to get closer for more private encounters. Captain Nemo’s spas takes special care to ensure that the foot well is big enough to accommodate the entire group.


Developed to conform to the body’s natural lines, contoured seats support your curves with rounded backs, molded armrests and bucket seat–bottoms.

Pillow Headrests

Comfy pillow headrests complete the therapeutic experience and allow you to lean back and let the warm relaxation of our Captain Nemo’s spas soothe you.

Step 4: Jet Configuration (Optional)

Captain Nemo’s spas feature several jet configurations to suit your hydrotherapy demands. Many models have full body massages by simply moving form seat to seat. Best of all, Captain Nemo’s spas offers a generous selection of shoulder and neck massage options for spa models that can accommodate them.

Type Description Action
Neck Jets

Two jets target stress points on either side of the neck. These jets are given a special pillow.

Neck Blasters

These three jets pinpoint the base of the neck and give a penetrating massage. This configuration also is also supplied with a special pillow.

Quad Blasters

Four jets make available unparalleled rehabilitation for the neck and shoulders. You will feel like you have your own personal, on-demand masseuse of a lifetime; rest your head on a comfortable custom pillow.

Spacious Foot well

Captain Nemo’s spas understand that taking care of your lower body is just as imperative as your upper body. That’s why Captain Nemo’s spas feature spacious and textured foot-wells and innovative designs, Tactile Therapy Bumps and dome jets that target tired feet.

Step 5: Select Extras (Optional)

Take your Captain Nemo’s spa experience beyond hydrotherapy and treat your senses to the finest entertainment available. Our spas are a visual and aural delight, striking the perfect balance with soothing waterfalls, elegant lighting and state –of the –art stereo equipment.

Type Description Action
Spa waterfalls | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo's Pool & Spa Supplies

These spectacular water fixtures create a tropical atmosphere, carrying you to the exotic paradise of your mind's eye. Waterfalls come in classic cascade or vertical fountain styles and are specific to each series. The new four-stream Rainfall water fixture features high-angle trajectory that emulates the serenity of rain. LED lighting options also enhance the look and feel of any waterfall.

LED Lighting
Spa LED Lighting | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo's Pool & Spa Supplies

For your nightfall spa soaks, LED lighting options can be found along the top perimeter of the spa in the appearance of topside lighting and illuminated, valves and logos on some spas. Best of all, LED lighting can be programmed to vary between each color on the color wheel or shine a particular hue to match your mood.

Spa Audio | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo's Pool & Spa Supplies

Enhance your spa experience with finest stereo equipment that is iPod –ready. Options include iPod –ready receivers, satellite –ready receivers and powerful subwoofers. Each option has and elegant stereo housing recess with a smoke acrylic door for added protection from the elements.

Step 6: Select Spa Controls

Basic Control System
Spa Control System | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo's Pool & Spa Supplies

Captain Nemo’s spas are managed by easy-to-use Davey control system that operate everything at a touch including the pumps, lighting and heaters. All control system have the following features:

  • Auto-filtration Mode with programmable times
  • Auto-Temperature Mode to keep temperature from falling below 100°F
  • Auto-shut Off when spa is not in use
  • Self-Diagnosis with recommended solution
  • Backlit buttons for easy-to-read display
Advanced Control System
Spa Control System | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo's Pool & Spa Supplies

This advanced control features a number of advanced functions, such as:

  • Exclusive “Sounds Good“ System
  • 23 light settings
  • Safety lockout feature
  • Clock

Step 7: Select Cover (Optional)

Captain Nemo’s spas come with a standard cover to preserve heat retention, lower operating costs and keep debris from spoiling your water.

Standard Spa Cover
Standard Cover | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo's Pool & Spa Supplies

Child Safety and Security Locks

Safety straps employ a lock-and-key tool to protect young kids from unsupervised entry. As your safety and your families enjoyment and safety is important to Captain Nemo’s.

Energy Efficiency

The inside lining, crafted of polyester-reinforced PVC with Mylar coating, gives enhanced heat retention. It has a thick foam core and snug, zippered fit-with padded flaps all around the cover’s edges to avoid heat seepage-also make sure superior thermal insulation.

UV Protected Material

Captain Nemo’s spas covers are:

  • 100% marine-grade with a vinyl top
  • filled with two-pound virgin foam core
  • supported by 18-gauge steel C-channel beams.
  • rated to withstand 1,500 UV-hours of protection to stop cracking, splitting or fading, Mildew inhibitors also guarantee cleanliness and sanitation.

Tapered Design

Captain Nemo’s spas covers are engineered to protect your spa from condensation. Our cover is designed with a tapered height, angling down-ward from 5 inches in the center to 3 inches on the sides to drive off rain and avert precipitation from pooling.

Step 8: Enter Contact Details

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