Mobile Pool Service

Contact us for your Pool Cleaning needs. We are an owner operated business and have been in business for 30 years.

We are BSA licenced.

We provide:

  • Fast response pool service and pool cleaning
  • Professional, experienced, friendly, honest and in uniform staff
  • Expert advise you can trust

We Offer:

  • Regular pool & spa servicing
  • Casual pool & spa servicing
  • Green Pool rectifications
  • Testing and balancing pool water
  • Equipment testing and repairs
  • warranty and insurance repairs
  • Equipment supply and installation, including filters, pumps, chlorinators, cleaning systems, pool blankets and heating systems
  • Commercial Pool Service: expert advice for businesses including real estate agents, resorts, display homes, pool builders and various charitable organisations.


We are Leading Specialists in Magna pool


What is it about MagnaPool® that makes it so different to any other type of pool?

From the very first time you jump into a MagnaPool® you can feel the difference – The water has a gentle, silky feeling on your skin. There is little or no irritation to your eyes. Your hair won’t need washing to get out that chlorine smell or sticky salt feeling associated with chlorine and saltwater pools.


All these benefits plus your pool will always be crystal clear and extremely easy to maintain. We haven’t even mentioned the environmentally friendly aspects of MagnaPool® which makes it not only healthy for you and your family, but everyone else too!

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