Pool And Spa Equipment Checklist

Admin, 29/07/2016

You have your beautiful new pool or spa. It’s up and running and looks amazing. But in order to look after your new showpiece, you will need some equipment to maintain its health and beauty. Let’s take a look at some pool and spa accessories to have in your inventory.

Leaf Rakes and Scoops

You will use one of these more often than anything else. A leaf rake or scoop attaches to a pool or spa tele-pole. You use these to scoop up leaves floating on the surface. A pool rake is also handy for scooping out bugs and any other solid foreign matter that finds its way into the pool or spa.

Pool Broom

The Pool Broom is used to clean a build up of dust and gunk from the bottom of the pool and any steps. Even the sides of the pool can suffer a build up of dirt. Once this is loosened up it will cause the pool to go cloudy, so run the filter and use the pool’s vacuum to finish off the job.

Manual Pool Vacuum

This hooks up to a flexible hose and is guided around the pool by the use of a long pole. It has little wheels on it for manoeuvrability and sucks just like a regular carpet vacuum does, only the debris is collected by the skimmer box and pool filter. A manual pool vacuum can be labour-intensive, so you might want to opt for an automatic option.

Automatic Pool Cleaner or Robotic Pool Cleaner

These have been around for years and there are many different types on the market today. They make keeping your pool clean a breeze and are well worth the investment. Attach it to your pool pump and filtration system, then kick back and relax while your robot does all the work for you. Can’t get better than that!

Pool And Spa Water Test Kits

It’s a good idea to take water samples to your pool shop for testing, but it can be handy having your own home test kits just to keep an eye on things in between pool services. They’re not expensive and they will give you pretty accurate readings regarding various chemicals such as chlorine, pH, alkalinity and stabiliser.

Your Local Pool Shop

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