Pool Hygiene For Families

Admin, 05/07/2017

Although your pool’s filtration system and the addition of pool chemicals and chlorine to swimming pool water will go a long way towards keeping your pool clean and healthy, there are definitely some things everyone using the pool can do to make sure it stays sparkling clean and free of debris.

Let’s look at some pool hygiene tips for families.

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No Eating and Drinking

It can be tempting to sip on a drink or consume some snacks while relaxing in the swimming pool, but dropping food into the water will only lead to decaying matter on the bottom of the pool, and spilling drinks will not help keep the water clean and clear. Children especially have a habit of dropping things when they eat and drink, so it’s a good idea to limit eating and drinking in the swimming pool area.

Install An Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower situated near the swimming pool is a good idea all round. After getting out of the pool it’s great to be able to rinse the chlorine from your skin and swimwear. But a shower is also useful in helping to keep the pool clean. If children have been playing in the dirt, or the adults have been doing some work around the yard, or just arrived home from a manual labour job, getting into the pool while covered in grime will just make it harder for the pool equipment to perform its job. With an outdoor shower, everyone can rinse off first before jumping into the water.

For Little Children

Parents need to make sure very young children have a clean bottom before taking them into the water. If the child is still in the nappy stage, use swimming nappies to stop any bodily secretions from entering the pool. Make certain they are leak proof and change nappies regularly.

Clean the Swimming Pool Regularly

One of the very best ways to make sure your swimming pool is clean and hygienic is to clean it regularly as well as check the levels of the pool chemicals. If the pool is well-maintained and everyone follows hygiene rules, then there is no reason your pool’s health levels or cleanliness should ever get out of hand.

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