Diamond Spas

Do you often sit on your back deck and imagine being able to relax in a beautiful spa? Don’t put it off any longer, it could be a lot cheaper and easier than you think!


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If you are considering adding a spa to your home, make sure you have a look at our different spa range available in both the Gold Coast and Brisbane locations.

Our Gold Coast and Brisbane stores are open 7 Days a week for all of your spa accessories and spa supplies. Call in and discuss your spa options with our experienced team.

Sunset Spa Range

Captain Nemo’s Sunset Spa range cater to a wide range of requirements. Sunset Portable Spas range includes some basic hydrotherapy spas for those wanting to enjoy a relaxing massage but have budget or space restrictions to full hydrotherapy spas for those looking for the ultimate in luxury.
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Alpine Spa Range

Captain Nemo's Alpine portable spas accommodate various customer indulgences at any budget. These spas have been engineered for maximum hydrotherapy and aquatic performance.
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Swim Spas

Enjoy a Captain Nemo’s swim spa! Swim spas are one of the most modern exercise machines on the market today. Our swim spas cater to a wide range of aqua enthusiasts without forgetting the relaxation features of a spa. Our swim spas provide for the most advanced swimmer looking for a powerful workout to someone simply looking for a hydro-stretching session. Captain Nemo’s swim spas have given many people the perfect exercise solution. The end result is an extremely efficient, attractive piece of exercise equipment designed and made for your personal physical well being.
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