Sunset Spa Range

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Captain Nemo’s Sunset Spa are available from our Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast and Brisbane locations and these portable spas cater to a wide range of requirements. 

Sunset Spas range includes some basic hydrotherapy spas for those wanting to enjoy a relaxing massage but have budget or space restrictions to full hydrotherapy spas for those looking for the ultimate in luxury. 


Most of the standard spas in this range are only requires10 amps of power to run, providing hassle free, ease of use so you can enjoy your spa. 

The Sunset luxury spas are full hydrotherapy spas that are able to provide a full massage for your whole body. The luxury spas in this range also feature LED lighting and mp3 sound systems, allowing you to set the mood for your massage or make your spa the centrepiece of your next event.



The pacific spa is ideal for anyone wanting a compact luxury spa that is suited to all occasions. Its pump provide a powerful, yet relaxing massage experience through its 34 jets. This spa’s specific dual recliner layout provides ample room for even your tallest family members and guests. This spa also has all your entertainment needs covered as the parameter lighting to make this 2m x 2m spa come alive.

St Moritz Spa

This spa is the ultimate combination of both luxury and entertainment. The parameter led lighting, mp3 sound system and the 3 2.5 Hp pumps used will provide the ambience and ample water pressure you need to relax after a long day.

Tahitian Spa

The Tahitian Spa with its seating arrangement of one recliner and five seats, this spa is the perfect luxury all rounder. Its 3 pumps provide the hydrotherapy benefits for your family and friends.

California Special

The California Deluxe spa is designed with relaxation in mind. Its one recliner provides a calming back, calf, and foot massage; Its seats also provide a soothing shoulder massage. This spa combines parameter lighting and a sound system to ensure you enjoy a tranquil experience in a peaceful environment.

Biarritz Spa

This spa is the little brother of the St Morritz spa. With the same seating plan and features, you can enjoy a relaxing hydrotherapy massage in a more compact spa. With its smaller size, this spa only requires two pumps to provide the pressure you need, making it the perfect compromise between size and power use.


With its space saving dimensions the Florida spa is perfect for couples and small families who are budget conscious. Like the Hawaiian spa, the Florida spa boasts plug and play capabilities. Although this spa is frugal on power, it still features parameter lighting and air valves. Air valves are included to improve the pressure the jets are able to provide with the Florida spa’s one pump. The Florida spa is the definitive economic spa.

Bahama Spa

Similar to the Biarritz spa, the Bahama spa is the little brother of the Tahitian. This all rounder is ideal for smaller entertaining areas. With its two pumps, IP6 led lighting and mp3 sound system, this spa provides a fantastic balance between luxury and leisure capabilities.

Hawaiian Spa

The Hawaiian is the ideal spa for couples and small families. Its elongated shape provides maximum room for 2 or 3 people. While this spa only requires a wall plug to run, it still boasts parameter lighting to help set the mood. It also features a diverter to enable you to increase the pressure through the jets on either side of the spa. This spa combines economy and flexibility into one deluxe package.


The seychelle’s eight seating arrangement will ensure there is enough room to for everyone to enjoy the ultimate spa experience. If you’re looking for maximum hydrotherapy, this spa has 66 stainless steel jets, each designed to provide you with complete relaxation. IP6 lighting and led cup stands will set the mood for any occasion. This is the definitive entertainment spa.

Maldives Spa

The Maldives spa is the top of the line in party spas. Featuring 7 massive seats in an open arrangement, this spa is perfect for entertaining large groups. With its unique sun lounger, complete with waterfalls, the Maldives spa is also ideal for Gold Coast and Brisbane backyards in our hot summers..


The Anderman is the 5 person version of the Pacific. The one recliner, 5 seat arrangement allows for one more specific back massage chair. This gives you the option of 3 different massage styles in the one spa! With led parameter lighting and mp3 sound systems included, this spa is sure to help set the mood when all you want to do is relax and unwind.


The Maui is the deluxe version of the Hawaiian. Taking the great design of the Hawaiian and adding an extra pump and a sound system to add to the luxury. Increasing the pump capacity adds to the massage experience by increasing the pressure provided through its 36 jets. This spa also features a water diverter, enabling the two pumps to only power one half of the spa. This gives an especially deep and satisfying massage on your back muscles.


Our brand new top of the line model with new and improved features