Swim Spas

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Living on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, we are fortunate to be able to enjoy a Captain Nemo’s swim spa in summer or winter! Swim spas are one of the most modern exercise machines on the market today.

Our swim spas cater to a wide range of aqua enthusiasts without forgetting the relaxation features of a spa. Our swim spas provide for the most advanced swimmer looking for a powerful workout, to someone simply looking for a hydro-stretching session. Captain Nemo’s swim spas have given many people the perfect aquatic exercise solution. The end result is an extremely efficient, attractive piece of exercise equipment designed and made for your personal physical well being.

With over 30 years in the spa supplies business, and stores on the Gold Coast (Helensvale) and in Brisbane (Eight Mile Plains) we are one of the largest independent spa supplies stores around. We supply a broad range of spa supplies and pool equipment, including:

  • Pool & Spa Chemicals
  • Pool Cleaners 
  • Pool Heaters
  • Pool Water Features
  • Pool Filters
  • Pool Chlorinators

If you are considering adding a spa to your home, make sure you have a look at our different spa products available in both the Gold Coast and Brisbane locations.

Our Gold Coast and Brisbane stores are open 7 Days a week for all of your spa accessories and spa supplies. Call in and discuss your spa options with our experienced team.

Capt Rejuvenator

The Captain Rejuvinator is perfect for people who want to combine comfort and exercise in one stunning package. This spa provides plenty of room for swimming against its 3 swim jets as well as 3 deep seats to provide a massage in complete comfort. This spa is designed to accommodate all users regardless of how they want to use the spa. Its 3 divertible pumps provide the pressure for the swim jets and the hydrotherapy jets.

Capt Eliminator

The Captain Eliminator is the smaller brother of the Captain Rejuvenator. It is identical in every way except for the length. The Captain Eliminator is perfect for anyone wanting a state of the art aquatic fitness spa but have room restrictions.

Capt Gladiator

The Captain Gladiator combines luxury and fitness capabilities in the most idyllic way. The Captain Gladiator is split into two zones. One zone being similar to standard spa, the other being the swim zone. The swim zone is specifically designed to provide the ultimate swim training facility in a compact space. Its 3 swim jets give enough resistance for all fitness levels, while providing enough space to comfortably practice all styles of swim strokes.

Capt Dynamic

The Captain Dynamic is purpose built for aquatic fitness. Its unique shell design, coupled with its 3 swim jets ensure you have the resistance and space you need to swim with enough intensity to exercise. Each one of its 3 swim jets is individually powered by its own specific pump. This means you can alter pressure from the jets to suit your current and improving fitness level. Once you’re exhausted from swimming, its 3 seats provide a place to relax and repair your tired muscles.

Capt Supreme

The Captain Supreme is very similar to the Captain Gladiator, however, the supreme boasts improved massage capabilities. Its swim zone is identical to the Gladiator, meaning it provides a fantastic training facility. Where the Supreme shines is in it's spa zone. Its spa zone is engineered to have an extra seat, giving a total of 4. Each of the 4 seats will provide a different massage experience, giving the Supreme slightly more versatility than the Gladiator.

Captain Poseidon

Captain Poseidon Swim Spa Captain Poseidon is an ideal symbiosis of spa and swimming pool. Relief your muscular tension in one of the three integrated ergonomic hydro massage seats or go for a swim in a literally endless swimming pool. With an overall length of only four meters this swim spa fits into backyards that you should never have dreamed of installing a swimming pool in.

Captain Apollo

Captain Apollo Swim Spa With Diamond’s swim spas you do no longer need to make a decision between spa and swimming pool to install in your backyard. Captain Apollo ideally combines a large six seat spa and a virtually endless swimming pool into aquatic relaxation centre. This swim spa is the perfect place for your aquatic exercise, swimming session or to hang out with a group of friends.

Captain Elite

Captain Elite Swim Spa introduced as the flagship swim spa in Diamond’s line-up we aimed for creating the ultimate swim spa with a focus on personal exercise and relaxation. This spa combines a spa zone with an endless swimming pool. The extra-long swim zone provides additional freedom and enough underwater workout space for two people. Also sit back and relax in 3 massage seats for a targeted massage experience.

Captain Hercules

The Captain Hercules Swim Spa builds on the perfection of our Captain Elite Swim Spa through adding an exclusive spa zone that is purely for relaxation. This dual zone Swim Spa accommodates control over two bodies of water each with their own heat and pump control. The Hercules is built as the ultimate entertainer, whether it is swimming endlessly in the swim zone, or relaxing in the spacious hydrotherapy 7-seater spa zone.