Testing your pool water

Admin, 29/06/2016

If you have installed a pool, you really need to get into the habit of testing your pool water each week to ensure it is safe for your family and friends to swim in. You can either use a liquid test kit, test strips or take a sample of the pool water to a Captain Nemo’s pool shop.

The PH balance, alkalinity and hardness of pool water needs to be balanced and the sanitiser needs to be at correct levels for it all to work together to keep your pool water clean and hygienic.

Taking a water sample from your pool for testing is very easy to do.  To get a sample of your pool water you need something to collect it in a clean receptacle like a cup. If you intend to take the sample to Captain Nemo’s you will need a small bottle or a container that has a lid.

Take your water sample from near the middle of the pool and submerge the receptacle under the water in the pool, up to about your elbow, and scoop the water up into the cup or bottle.

If you are using a liquid test kit, you will pour a small amount of pool water into the test kits vials and add drops of the testing solution which will determine the chlorine and the PH level of the water. Depending on the colour the water turns relative to the colour guide on the test kit, will give you a guide as to what chemicals you may need to add to your pool.

If a test strip is your preference, simply take a strip and place it into the sample of pool water. These strips provide an easy and quick way to measure chlorine, PH, alkalinity and hardness levels and come with instructions and a colour chart so you know what chemicals your pool needs.

If you prefer to bring your pool water sample to Captain Nemo’s, at either our Brisbane or Gold Coast pool shop, we will expertly test your water for you.

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Should your pool need chemicals to bring it back to the correct levels, Captain Nemo’s stock a large range of pool chemicals to get your pool sparkling again.

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