Thank you to our customers for helping Captain Nemo’s support Jordan!!

Adam, 28/04/2016

For those that are not aware Captain Nemo’s ran an advertising campaign last summer to donate $15 for every sale of a Zodiac Aquasphere Pool Cleaners to Jordan - We are happy to say that we raised $900. 

Jordan was once an active little boy, until one tragic day in August 2010, he choked on a toy block that left him with a brain injury and in a coma for many months. Unable to be cared for without specialised equipment, Jordan spent many months in Brisbane Children’s hospital. Jordan is now 10 years old and lives with his family in Pimpama. They continually require assistance for expensive medical equipment, medication and other ongoing amenities to enable his parents to care for him at home, it is understandably beyond the resources of this hardworking family, and they have appealed to the public for help. 

Captain Nemo’s Pool & Spa Supplies goal is to assist Jordan’s family. Roger the Director of Captain Nemo’s heard about Jordan’s situation in the local media like everyone else.  One day while Roger was serving his customers he found out that Phil, one of our regular pool shop customers, was Jordan’s dad. So Roger instructed the pool shop marketing team to incorporate doing some advertising that would support Jordan as well.  

It was a pleasure meeting Jordan and his whole family the other day when he came in to say thanks to our team. I can say Jordan is a very happy boy who very much enjoys his family, especially his niece, and is very well cared for by his mum Mel and his dad Phil. It was a pleasure to meet the whole family. 

If you would like to donate to Jordan, he is registered with the Developing Foundation Charity


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