The Advantages of Above Ground Pools revised

Admin, 05/08/2017

If you are considering adding a brand new swimming pool to your backyard landscape, have you thought about the possibility of getting an above ground pool instead of an in ground concrete pool?

In the Driclad above ground pool range alone, more than 200,000 Australian homes have one of these pools in their yards. And that’s just one above ground pool manufacturer.

While in ground concrete pools are perfectly fine to have, there are some distinct advantages to installing an above ground pool instead.

Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits.

The Advantages of Above Ground Pools revised | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo'S Pool & Spa Supplies

They Are Cheaper

After installing an above ground pool, including adding beautiful decking and landscaping,  it often works out far cheaper on average than having a concrete in ground pool installed. These days, with advances in technology and improved installation techniques, many above ground pools actually look like an in ground pool and are just as sophisticated. Semi-submerged modular pools surrounded by decking are often mistaken for being in ground pools.

Easier to Install

The installation of concrete pools is a major construction project, almost akin to putting in the foundations to a building. This isn’t the case with an above ground pool. While there is certainly some installation to be done – and how much will depend on the surrounds you want for your pool – some modular pools can be installed by a professional within a day or two. Try getting an in ground pool installed and ready to go that quickly. It’s not going to happen.

More Choices

Within the above ground pool range there are many choices, and choosing different options isn’t going to break the bank. For example, in the Driclad range you can not only choose different pool sizes, you even get a choice of how deep the deep end of the pool will be. There are numerous different shapes and designs and these pools come with a 20 year warranty.

Pool Accessories Are Included

By pool accessories I’m referring to the pump, filtration system and pool ladder. The set up of these is easy, especially when done by a professional. Above ground pools really are an all round great alternative to the in ground variety.

Captain Nemo’s – Your Above Ground Pool Specialists

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