The Anatomy of a Pool Filtration System

Admin, 15/08/2017

Pool filtration is the heart of any swimming pool, Without a pool filtration system running correctly, the water can attract bacteria through various forms of algae. Inadequate or underperforming swim pool filtration can cause a build up in unwanted dirt, debris and trigger the pool to resemble a pond.

 The Anatomy of a Pool Filtration System | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo'S Pool & Spa Supplies

Pool filtration systems vary, depending on the installation and what is required for each specific pool. Let’s take a brief look at the anatomy of a swimming pool filtration system and the important tasks this system carries out every time it’s switched on.

Each item of pool equipment helps balance the equilibrium in your swimming pool. The pool pump circulates the body of water throughout its cycle, spreading the sanitizer produced from your chlorinator or hydroxinator around your swimming pool.  The suction from the pool pump also drives suction based pool cleaners around the pool, keeping the surface of the swimming pool debris-free. Without a pool cleaner attached, the flow directed through the jets creates a skimming feature that will push anything that sits on top of the water surface into the skimmer basket. All this flow circulating through the filtration system, will either be cleansed in a sand or cartridge filter, trapping everything that passes through.

Finally, the water then makes it to the chlorinator, this is where the chlorine is produced. Salt water passes through the electrode in the cell housing, sending chlorinated water back into the pool to keep it sparkling and crystal clear all year round. In some cases, if a pool heater is installed, the water will pass through the heater after being filtered, warming it up and then sending it back out.

As mentioned earlier, all debris is collected from the pool initially in the skimmer basket. If using a manual vacuum, or automatic pool cleaner, this is your attachment point for creating an autonomous pool cleaning solution.

That is a brief introduction into swimming pool filtration, for any further technical questions please contact our helpful staff.

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