The benefits are crystal clear.

Admin, 29/05/2016

There’s nothing better than relaxing in the pool on a balmy summers day. When the hot summer months roll in you can dive in for a refreshing plunge to cool off. However, once the feel of the refreshing swim has worn off you may notice the side-effects of swimming in chlorine. It has a strong odour, reddens eyes and causes allergic reactions to some swimmers, especially those suffering with eczema.

Whilst chlorine is used to sanitise the pool it is also quite harsh on the body, which is not ideal when you consider the pool is a family favourite. The MagnaPool has been developed by some of the best minds in pool industry. MagnaPool uses a unique blend of ocean minerals to achieve the same level, if not better, of sanitation as chlorine, plus keeps your pool crystal clear, healthy and gives the water a beautiful silky texture, but without the nasty side-affects.

The pool system has been uniquely made with the ultimate swimming experience in mind. Not only will you dive into crystal clear water, your body will feel the benefits of the magnesium chloride being absorbed through the skin, aiding with aches, pains, stress and anxiety.

Whilst all the minerals work in their own way separately, combined they provide the ultimate luxury pool experience. The potassium chloride when mixed with the healing qualities of magnesium chloride will serve as a nourishing irrigation solution for your lawns and gardens. This is a great way to save water, whilst giving your garden the nutrients it needs to flourish. 

To experience the exceptional bathing comfort of a crystal clear MagnaPool that is gentler on your family’s skin and has significant environmental benefits call Captain Nemo’s to discuss having a luxury MagnaPool installed in your pool.

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