Tips For Looking After Your Pool

Admin, 29/06/2016

Having your very own pool in your backyard is great when living in a warm climate like the Gold Coast and Brisbane, but pools do come with maintenance. If your pool is not looked after, the water could turn green or cloudy; the pH balance will be out, will be unsafe to swim in and could cost you money as the pool equipment can become damaged.

Let’s look at a few simple tips to keep your pool clean, healthy, and the sparkling centrepiece of the home.

Testing Your Pool Water

You will need a basic test kit to do regular water checks. Be sure to pick one up from your pool shop. Depending on what type of pool system you have, here you will test things like the free and total chlorine level, pH, alkalinity, stabiliser and salt. These are all crucial for ensuring your pool is safe to swim in.

Adjusting pH Levels

pH is how acidic the pool water. You need this to be between 7.2 to 7.8 for swimmer comfort and longevity of pool equipment. If it is too high, you simply pour some pool (Hydrochloric) acid in the pool. If it is too low, use some pH or Alkalinity Up to rebalance the water.

Keep Your Pool Clean

It is important to clean the visible debris from your pool to ensure it is clean. The simplest way to keep your pool clean is using an automatic pool cleaner. The Zodiac suction cleaner and Zodiac robotic cleaners are the most reliable pool cleaners on the market. They clean the floor and walls of the pool to leave it appearing free of dirt, leaves and other debris. They run with your pool cleaner and save you the hassle of having to manually vacuum the pool.

Clean Your Pool Filter

There are two common types of filters on the market. Cartridge filters have a cartridge element which needs to be hosed off once a month. Using a standard garden hose will suffice. The other type is a sand filter. These need be set to backwash to clean the filter media and once cleaned, set back to filter.

Replace Broken And Damaged Pool Equipment

Replacing broken pool equipment and pool spare parts will ensure hassle free maintenance for your pool system and will reduce any potential expenses that can occur if an item does not function.

Talk With The Experts

If you ever need advice with an issue with your pool, come in to have a chat with one of our friendly and experienced team members. Captain Nemo’s have over 30 years of experience with pools and spas. We sell only the best chemicals, cleaner and equipment for any pool or spa. Captain Nemo’s Pool & Spa Supplies has two convenient locations in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Call us or come  in-store today for a friendly chat.

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