Warm Up In Winter With A Hot Spa revised

Admin, 15/09/2017

Although winter in South-East Queensland would be considered mild compared to other parts of the world, it can still become too cold to swim. With short days and long nights, people tend to hibernate indoors, and the pool can often go untouched for up to 4 months.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Despite the season, everyone needs to get outdoors and do something, and one way to get outside and warm up in winter time is with a hot spa.

 Warm Up In Winter With A Hot Spa revised | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo'S Pool & Spa Supplies

A hot and therapeutic spa can be the perfect way to stay warm and entertain during the winter chill. Whether you have just arrived home from work, been out playing sport, or just feel the need for a bit of hydrotherapy, a hot spa is the ideal way to warm up the body and relax mentally after a long day. A spa in winter with your partner, out under a clear starry sky, sipping wine or champagne, can really be the ultimate in winter romance.

Heated spas are a little luxury that can be enjoyed all year round. There’s no need to wait until the weather warms up to hop in. When well maintained, your spa will be ready for you all year round. Even most ski resorts will boast some sort of hot tub, often located outdoors in the actual snow. So if people are inclined to use a spa in these conditions, then don’t let the Gold Coast winter put you off owning and enjoying a spa. It really is an awesome way to rejuvenate the body and get warm, with the bubbles relaxing the muscles, easing pain in the joints and filtering away the cares of the day.

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