What is the importance of adding chlorine to your pool?


A well-maintained pool is important for the health and safety of you and your family. Chlorine is essential in keeping your pool clean. Let’s take a look at why chlorine is so important.

When chlorine is added to water, it breaks down into a number of chemical compounds, mainly hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and hypochlorous ions. Hypochlorous acid help to kill bacteria and micro-organisms in a matter of seconds, while hypochlorite ion takes up to 30 minutes to eliminate them, resulting in a germ free pool.

What will happen if you add too much chlorine?

Although chlorine is important in maintaining a clean and healthy pool, too much chlorine in your pool can have negative side effects. Chlorine has a distinct odour that can irritate some people. It can cause itchiness and irritation to your skin and eyes. Extremely high amounts of chlorine can cause breathing difficulty to some people.

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What will happen if your pool does not have any chlorine?

Chlorine helps to kill harmful micro-organisms in your pool. A pool with no chlorine will put you in the risk of contracting dangerous waterborne diseases. The more the people that get in your pool the more contaminants that get added. Chlorine helps to eliminate, or at least minimise the harmful effects of pool impurities.

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