What to look for in an inflatable boat

Admin, 05/01/2018

With summer fast approaching, more and more people will be looking to get involved in water related activities, especially water sports. One of the more common pieces of equipment used in a variety of water based sports and activities is inflatable boats. But with so many options in the market, it can be very confusing to figure out what “floats your boat”. That is to say, it might be difficult to pinpoint which boat checks all your boxes. But have no worries, because Captain Nemo’s Pool and Spa Supplies has put together a list on what to look for in an inflatable boat.

What to look for in an inflatable boat | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo'S Pool & Spa Supplies

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) VS Strongan

As you can probably already imagine, both of these compounds are used to line the floors of inflatable boats. But what are they really? According to scientific terms, PVC is a compound made by polymerizing vinyl chloride. But, in everyday terms, it’s just a sturdy, lightweight material used to line floors and such. On the other hand, Strongan is a polyurethane fabric which doesn’t melt when heated. In addition to being tough and durable, Zodiac’s Strongan fabric facilitates the use of Zodiac’s computerized machine-welding process called “thermobonding”, which uses hot air to weld fabric together. Thermobonding produces seams that are stronger that the fabric itself and is therefore better than any hand gluing mechanisms used for inflatable boats.

So when it comes to inflatable boats, which one is better for you? Well, it comes down to the tradeoff between price and longevity. PVC floors are popular because they are affordable. On top of that they’re pretty foldable. On the flipside, Strongan is more sturdy, expensive and more rigid.

Additional Aspects

The paragraph above explains the most important parts of any inflatable boat. However there are other aspects you should keep in mind. For example, if oars, seats, pumps are included and if the quality is up to scratch.

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