Why a pool cover is essential

Admin, 29/06/2016

Installing a pool is one of the major investments we can make in our lifetime. Pools can cost considerable amounts of money, so it makes sense to protect your investment and in the case of pools, a pool cover can do this.

Something as simple as a pool cover can lead to significant savings in time and money. 

Captain Nemo’s at Brisbane and Gold Coast share here, why a pool cover is so essential.

Firstly, a pool cover can reduce water evaporation.  With the rising costs of water, saving the water from your pool simply evaporating over the day is saving you money in the end.

Pool covers also significantly reduce the amount of leaf litter, rubbish, dead insects and debris that may end up in your pool, significantly reducing the time you need to spend skimming the top of your pool.  Your pool will remain cleaner for longer.

A good quality pool cover will also reduce your pool chemical use.  UV rays are buffered by the pool cover, leading to less chemicals required to keep the pool clean and sanitised.

Why a pool cover is essential | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo's Pool & Spa Supplies

Pool covers will also help to retain heat, particularly useful if you still want to use your pool when the climate is becoming cooler.

Pool covers can provide a barrier for children and pets.

A pool cover will in the end save your time.  Less time spent maintaining the pool with chemicals and manual cleaning.

In some Australian States, a pool cover is a legal requirement, much like having an approved and certified pool fence is.

So, if your pool does not yet have a pool cover, call or drop in to Captain Nemo’s at our Brisbane or Gold Coast pool shops. We are open 7 Days a week for your convenience.

We can come up with the perfect pool cover solution for your pool as we stock a large range of pool chemicals, pool equipment and pool accessories.

At Captain Nemo’s we have a strong belief in customer satisfaction and quality. Captain Nemo's isan Australian owned company and has been in business for over 25 years.