Why Does Pool Water Turn Green

Admin, 05/12/2017

Why does swimming pool water turn green?

Green pool water is caused by a chemical imbalance that can send pool owners mad trying to find a solution. It can occur in a small time frame and make any pool resemble a pond. But what exactly is this green water and what are the circumstances that make it occur.

Let’s find out.

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Why Swimming Pool Water Turns Green

Correct chlorine levels are what keep pools looking nice and clear. When the chlorine drops below optimum levels, algae is given a chance to grow and flourish. It will take root on the walls and floor of the swimming pool and permeate the water with its green tinge.

What Is the Solution and Treatment?

The obvious solution is to always maintain the proper chlorine levels at all times (including winter), keeping that pool water crystal clear and inviting. Prevention is always better and easier than the cure.

But let’s suppose your swimming pool water has gone green from algae growth. How do you effectively get rid of it and return your swimming pool to algae free? After all, no one wants to swim in a pool that resembles a pond.

Generally when pool water has reached the green stage, it will need to be “shocked” back into normality with a powerful dose of chlorine. This kills off the algae quickly and enables the swimming pool to return to a balanced state more readily.

Here is the basic step by step process to get your swimming pool back to normal as quickly as possible:

  1. Reduce the pH levels in the water with a pH decreaser
  2. Add super shock chlorine
  3. Use a high potency flocculent to clear up the water
  4. Kill off the algae with a high strength algaecide

Once you have completed this process and given the pool a good general clean, your pool water will return to its sparkling, healthy best.

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