Why you must have a CPR sign

Adam, 28/04/2016

When you install a new pool in your Gold Coast backyard, most homeowners are well aware they will need to install an approved and certified pool fencing system around their pool or spa.

What you may not know is that there is another item pool owners need to add to their pool area to be legally compliant.

This is a CPR sign.

Why you must have a CPR sign | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Captain Nemo'S Pool & Spa Supplies

CPR gives lifesaving intervention in the event of a drowning emergency. By having a CPR sign installed in your pool area, which provides life-saving instructions, you reduce the chance of near drownings or death in your backyard pool.

Mere seconds are the difference between being able to save a life with CPR or not.

When you install a CPR sign, be sure the sign fulfils the following lawful requirements in that it:

  • Shows how to perform CPR 
  • Is attached to the safety barrier of the pool, or displayed near the pool, so that the sign is easily visible to a person near the pool
  • Is at least 300mm by 300mm in size
  • Is made of durable and weatherproof material
  • Includes a prominent statement explaining how to act in an emergency (e.g. call 000, stay with the injured person, provide first aid)

Too often, drownings of young children still occur in Gold Coast backyard pools and spas. By having CPR instructions clearly displayed on your pool fencing, you are preventing delays in delivering lifesaving intervention in a crisis.

As always in an emergency, call 000 and wait for an ambulance to arrive whilst you are administering CPR.

Captain Nemo’s on the Gold Coast have a range of pool signs and pool accessories to ensure your pool area is legally compliant with a CPR sign and we highly recommend you install a CPR sign today if you haven’t done so already! 

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